• Instant Fast Food Production Line

    Customized according to client's product

    breakfast food corn flakes production line

    Breakfast Food Corn Flakes Production Line

    Can be made into cereal flakes, cereal rings and other crispy instant breakfast cereals in various shapes and flavors.

    Nutritious rice production line

    Self-heating Rice / Brewing Rice / Nutritious Rice Production Line

    The production line uses rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour, purple potato flour, etc. as the main raw materials to produce instant steamed rice (such as self-heated rice/instant rice/instant rice) and instant rice (such as brewed rice); Add protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and other nutrients and functional ingredients to produce nutritionally fortified rice.

    Nutritional Powder Production line

    Nutritional Powder / Meal Replacement Powder Production Line

    The production line can produce five-grain nutritional powder and solid beverages, such as "five-grain health powder", "buckwheat flour", "oat flour," "red bean soup", "mung bean soup", etc., and can also add nutrients or functional ingredients to produce health care Functional nutritional powder, such as "red jujube and lotus soup", black sesame paste, "meal replacement powder", etc.

    Non-fried instant noodle production line

    Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line

    Instant noodles use a new type of twin-screw extrusion method to achieve energy-saving and efficient production of non-fried instant noodles. The choice of raw materials is diverse and the eating methods are even more varied.