• Project Process

    Solution From A to Z 


    Project Consulting

    Project plan and details confirmation


    Plant Drawing Confirming

    Flow chart and layout design




    Order-based production, delivery on time


    Factory Installation

    Construction team cooperates with installation




    Equipment operation test and training equipment maintenance

  • Quality Assurance and Service Commitment

    1. Ensure to demand side that equipment is of good condition and advanced technology.
    2. From the date of acceptance of the equipment by demand side, the equipment is under one year warranty, during which free on-site service is provided. Post one year warranty period, lifetime maintenance is provided at a reduced cost and free of labour charge.
    3. The supply-side provides free operation and maintenance training to users.
    4. It is guaranteed that supply side dispatches service repair personal as soon as the written notice of equipment maintenance request is served by demand side.
    5. For parts and accessories in urgent need from supply side, our company will address at first instance and utilise various express transportation method to achieve quickest delivery.

    Technical Training

    The company possesses a high-quality, professional installation team. They have very good knowledge of product working principles and operational characteristics, as well as strong practical hands-on problem solving capabilities. It is productive, effective and most efficient for them to lead the training, which would improve the production standard and maximise investment benefits.


    1. Course Design:

    A. Based on the principle of combining theory with practice, both theory and practical course will be operated.

    B. Theory course is focused on principle of work of device, electrical control theory, machine organization, performance characteristics, adaptability range, handling precautions, etc.

    C. Practical course is operated in the form of apprentice, so that the trainees have the opportunity to master the techniques of equipment normal operation, maintenance, equipment commissioning, fault handling, replacement and adjustment of specification parts through real practice.


    2. Training Methods

    A.Intense training at supply-side training center.

    B.On-site training workshops at the premise of demand side.


    3.Training period: 7-10 days(Depends on the specific project).


    4.Overseas Training expenses: travel costs are covered by demand side.