• Solid Preparation Machinery

    Dryer Series

    CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven

    SZG Series Double Tapered Vacuum Dryer

    YZG/FZG Series Vacuum Dryer

    PZG Series Single Shaft Paddle Dryer

    ZPD Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer

    KJG Series Oar Dryer

    FG Series Vertical Fluidizing Dryer

    GFG Series High-efficiency Fluidizing Dryer

    XF Series Horizontal Fluidizing Dryer

    ZLG Series Rectlinear Vibrating Fluidized Dryer

    LZG Series Helix Vibration Dryer

    XSG Series High Speed Rotating Dryer

    DW Series Mesh-Belt Dryer

    LPG Series High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

    PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer

    HG Cylinder and Scratch Board

    HYG Series Rotating Barrel Dryer

    Granulation Series

    FL Series Fluidized Granulator

    NTFZ Fixed Promote Granulation Machine

    LDP Series Fluid Bed Coater

    PGL-B Series Spraying Dryer Granulator

    LBF Series Tubojet Fluid Bed Granulator Coater

    FLP Multifunction Granulating Coating Machine

    LPZ Series Melt Cooling Spray Granulator

    QZL Series Ball Shot Blasting Machine

    GHL Series High Speed Mixing Granulator

    YK Series Swaying Granulator

    SET Series Double Screw Extruding

    GK Series Dry Granulator Machine


    Grinder Series

    30B/30BX Series Universal Grinder

    ZWF China Herb High Speed Grinder

    CSJ Series Roughness Grinder

    CWFJ Series Ultrafine Crusher

    Mixer Series

    EYH Series Two Dimension Mixer

    SYH Series Three Dimension Mixer

    SZH Series Conical Mixer

    CH Series Notch Shape Mixer

    HF Series Squarecone Mixer

    DSH Series Double Screw Conical Mixer

    V Series Mixer

    WLDH Series Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

    HZD Series Column Type Mixer

    HTD Series Column Hopper Mixer

    LD Series Pharma Bin

    FZH Series Cone Hopper Mixer


    Auxiliary Series

    MC Series Pluse Dust Filter with Cloth Bag

    ZF Series Vibration Screens

    ZS Series Circular Vibration Screen

    ZKS Series Vacuum Feeder

  • Solid Medicine Machinery

    Tablet Press Machine

    TDP Single Punch Tablet Press Machine(TDP1.5/TDP5/TDP6)

    THP Flower Basket Tablet Press Machine

    ZP5/ZP7/ZP9 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZPS8/10/18 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZPW-8 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZPW15D/17D/19D Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZP17B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZPW21A/B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZPW29/31 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZP33D/35/37/41D Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZP35A/35B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    ZP23/25/27 Effervescent Tablet Press Machine

    ZP47 Rotary High Output Tablet Press Machine

    HSZP35/37/43/45/53/57 High Speed Tablet Press Machine

    Capsule Filling Machine

    Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine for Powder

    Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine for Granule

    Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine for Powder and Granule

    NJP400 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP800 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP1200 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP2000/2500 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP3500 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP6000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    NJP8200 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • Liquid Medicine Machinery

    Water Treatment

    Purified Water Generator

    Multi Effect Stills

    Pure Steam Generator


    Process Eqiupment

    Liquid Formulation Module


    CIP/SIP Module

    Pressure Vessel and Storage Tank

    Heat Exchanger

    Liquid Filling Machine

    Oral Liquid Washing Drying Filling Capping Production Line

    Vial Bottle Washing Drying Filling Stoppering Capping Line

    Big Infusion / Vaccine Bottle Filling Sealing Production Line

    Syrup Liquid Filling Capping Production Line

    Eye Drops Filling Plugging Capping Production Line

    Spray Bottle Filling Capping Production Line

    Aseptic BFS Blow-Fill-Seal Production Line

    Glass Ampoule Filling Sealing Production Line

    Plastic Ampoule Filling Sealing Production Line

  • Ointment / Suppository Machinery

    Emulsifying Equipment

    Double-Cylinder Lifting Emulsifier

    Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Emulsifier

    Horizontal Type Out-circulating Emulsifier

    Out circulating Vacuum Emulsifier

    Small/Lab Use Emulsifier

    Internal and External Cycle Vacuum Emulsifier

    Bottom Homogenizing Vacuum Emulsifier


    Ointment Filling Eqiupment

    Semi Automatic Ointment Filling Sealing Machine for Metal Tube

    Semi Automatic Ointment Filling Sealing Machine for Plastic Tube

    Fully Automatic Ointment Filling Sealing Machine for Metal Tube

    Fully Automatic Ointment Filling Sealing Machine for Plastic Tube

    2 in 1 Ointment Filling Sealing Machine for Metal Tube&Plastic Tube

    Suppository Equipment

    Suppository Vacuum Emulsifier Equipment

    Automatic Suppository Filling Sealing Line with 1 Filling Head

    Automatic Suppository Filling Sealing Line with 3 Filling Head

    Automatic Suppository Filling Sealing Line with 7 Filling Head

  • Other Pharmaceutical Machinery

    Syringe and Needle Assemble Machine

    Syringe Pre-filling Machine

    Dialysate Filling Production Line

    MDI Two Step Filling System

  • Medicine Packing Machiney

    Blister Packing Machine

    DPP-80 Small Blister Packing Machine

    DPB-140 Blister Packing Machine

    DPB-260/330HL Flat-plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

    DPB-270/360J Cantilever Style Flat-plate Bister Packing Machine

    DPB-270/360JL ALU-PVC-ALU (Tropical ALU) Blister Packing Machine

    DPH-270/330/380D High Speed Blister Packing Machine

    DPH-270/380DL High Speed Tropical Aluminum Blister Packing Machine

    DPB-360JV Oral Liquid (Ampoule) Special Blister Packing Machine

    DPB-360/330 Liquid Blister Packing Machine

    Flat Plate Soft (Hard) Plastic Blister Packing Machine for Injection/Medical Device

    Bottled Packaging Production Equipment

    Semi Automatic Capsule/Tablet Couting Filling Machine

    Bottle Feeding/Unscrambler Machine

    Desiccant Stuffing Machine

    Electronic Counting Machine

    Paper Stuffing Machine

    Automatic Capping Machine

    Automatic Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

    Labeling Machine

    Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine/Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    Automatic Cartoning Open and Sealing Machine

    Packing Equipment

    Automatic Cartoning Machine

    Automatic Flow Packing Machine

    High Speed Reciprocating Automatic Flow Packing Machine

    Automatic Strip Packing Machine

    Automatic Rotary Pre-made Bag Packing Machine

    Customized Connection Line Solution

    High Speed Blister Packing Machine + High Speed Cartoning Machine

    High Speed Blister Packing + Flow Packing + Cartoning Packing + Weight Check + Cellophaon Line

    Tray Making + Batch Number Print + Cartoning Packing Production line for Ampoule

    Automatic Bottling Production Line ( Combination according to product)